Friday, February 05, 2016

A birthday reflection

In the last remaining minutes of one age, the sunset of one era, I cannot fully grasp the enormity of the next stage. No one day can capture the weight of a life thus lived nor the meaning of rounding a corner to face another unknown place. Truthfully, we pivot in a new directions on unmarked days that only in time, we realize their significance. Rarely, do we know when we have met a turning point and can embrace it then. Perhaps, I thought I would be something else... someone else by now... maybe age is felt in unfinished dreams and unmet objectives. Yet, thankful that I lived to be this age although I have not always been grateful... not even some yesterday. However, I thank those of you who walked with me part of this journey and to those I lost along the way for having shaped me... and I look forward to the next adventures!

Janet Si-Ming Lee
Principal Designer, Siming Cybercreative
February 4, 2016

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